Patient Comments

I would like to thank those who have been treated before and who shared their valuable opinions about me. These posts enlighten many people who are researching or making decisions about eye disease.

I went with the reference of three of my friends.

23 October 2022 (Translated with Google Translator)
I went to the doctor with the reference of three of my friends who had undergone prk and lasik operations before. Thanks to him, I had a successful lasik operation. In addition to his success in his field, I was very pleased with Mr. Ömer in every aspect that is as important as the outcome, such as informing before the process, guiding during the operation and follow-up after the operation, communication with the patient. I would like to thank my doctor for his professional approach and the whole process he managed very well.

I Was Bored With Glasses, My Numbers Was High

23 October 2022(Translated with Google Translator)
I was bored with glasses for a long time, my numbers were high, I wanted to get rid of it, but I was afraid. Actually, he had laser done to my brother 2 years ago and he was also very pleased, he got rid of glasses and contact lenses. But I never had the courage. Also, since I am a doctor, I was constantly thinking about the problems that might arise and giving up. Finally, I gathered my courage and went to the interview. doctor cleared all the question marks in my head. He made the measurements and explained the appropriate method. I left the office with an appointment for surgery. My friends and family were very surprised that I decided to have surgery. ;) I had no problems during or after the surgery. I could see clearly 3-4 hours after the procedure and my pain was gone. The next day, I learned that my numbers were reset at the control. Today, 9 days have passed since the surgery, I have no problems. I recommend my friends, who are tired of glasses and lenses and are afraid like me, to at least have an examination and make a decision without believing the hearsay.

Now as a Physician...

26 September 2022(Translated with Google Translator)

As a physician who has been using glasses for 16 years and contact lenses for 7 years, I have now decided to have a laser operation and applied to Omer on the recommendation of a physician friend of mine. He is a reassuring doctor who erases the question marks in your mind with his interest and explanations before and after the operation. After the operation, which I explained without any problems, my quality of life increased incredibly. I would like to thank him for his interest and successful operation. 

Very relevant and informative

21 October 2022(Translated with Google Translator)

Mr. Ömer detected retinal detachment and performed preventive treatment. I have been regularly examined for 4 years. He is very interested and gives information, I am very satisfied, may God guide you.

Perfect Sight

25 September 2022(Translated with Google Translator)

As a physician, we were very happy that one of our professors understood us and was with us throughout the whole process. I regained perfect vision from him without pain. I am grateful.

I Was Anxious, It Was Not What I Feared

25 September 2022(Translated with Google Translator)

For a long time I had to operate for refractive errors, but I was worried. It was not what I feared, and thanks to Ömer Hodja, 3 hours after the operation that lasted for 15 minutes, I continued my life without pain with my "0" eyes. Since I was informed in detail by my doctor before and after, there was no question mark in my mind. 

I am an Emergency Medicine Specialist

25 September 2022(Translated with Google Translator)

I am an emergency medicine specialist. I have been a person suffering from myopia since childhood. the use of contact lenses is a separate ordeal, the use of glasses is a separate ordeal. but I was always distant from laser treatment because the idea of having my eyes treated terrified me. I was encouraged when I saw that many of my doctor friends I know had surgery on Dr. Ömer and they were very pleased with the result. I also had my treatment 3 days ago. I would like to thank him for being very caring, informative and friendly before, during and after the procedure. It was a very comfortable process. The team consists of professional people. right now, when I wake up in the morning, I am happy to see the world clearly. I wish I hadn't waited so long. I'm glad I met Mr. Ömer. I strongly recommend Mr. Ömer to anyone with eye problems. 

Yellow Spot and Cataract Discomfort

21 September 2022(Translated with Google Translator)

The reason why we went to Mr. Ömer is my mother's yellow spot and cataract disease. Ömer did her examination and gave detailed information about her condition and determined our treatment process. First the needle for the yellow spot, the next stage will be cataract surgery. Our treatment process is long, but we are very comfortable as we know that we are in safe hands. Omer is very caring and sincere. We thank him very much for everything.

My mother had never seen for 5 years.

13 August 2022(Translated with Google Translator)

My mother hadn't seen any for 5 years and I took too many associate professors. I was told that there is nothing you can do. I was very upset about my mother's condition. I took it to Ömer Hodja on the recommendation of a friend. He operated on my mother's eyes with great success. my mother seems very healthy now. Much obliged. let the way be clear. always in our prayers. Best regards .. fikriye yıldı

I Have Been Following On Social Media For A Long Time.

1 July 2022(Translated with Google Translator)

I have been following Mr. Ömer on social media for a long time. I was examined for the first time today....I have myopia and astigmatism for a long time. I applied to leave glasses and lenses. smiling demeanor, explanatory style and detailed information, I am very pleased with the interest. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a doctor. I hope to have my laser surgery without any problems. Many thanks to our doctor.


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